Vision & Approach

  • During the formative years, children develop vital physical & mental skills. Greenwood Hills recognizes this and places a huge impetus towards developing sports & music skills from an early age. As every child is special & his / her interests are just varied, we ensure that whatever the child genius is, it is not left untapped.
  • We promote an educational platform that is balanced towards academics & extracurricular activities. Based on student’s capability we bring together a carefully planned curriculum with experienced teachers & support staff. We ensure that children are imparted with skills of life rather than pure academic knowledge.
  • We have put together an experienced team of Stalwarts from the field of education & beyond to ensure your children get only the best education, support & care. We adhere to only the highest standards of education.
  • Our challenge as educators is to prepare them for tomorrow. We understand that what children are taught today will have a much larger impact on their outlook of the world tomorrow. Our methodology of learning will ensure that children learn about their environment, lead their peers & succeed on their own.